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Steel Structures Fabrication Capabilities

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

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Magnitude and complexity of construction works inevitably shoots up with time. This is because mankind has the responsibility of not just sustaining the growth of civilizations but to improve lives of every inhabitant. Skyscrapers must rise as a solution to limited ground spaces and rapidly growing population, same through with artificial land reclamations. Thousand miles of tunnels and bridges also have to be built through or over waters and mountains to speed up transportation and connect communities. These are just few of the examples and there are too many to mention.

Time however has always been a constraint. At first glance, it looks to take a lifetime to build a tower like the Burj Khalifa that has a tip touching the clouds in the sky, or a suspended bridge like the Golden Gate of San Francisco that spans two islands which are more than a mile apart. Thanks to technology, this is no longer the case. Industries have undergone huge developments to make outputs extraordinary and better than before, the construction industry is not left behind.

It is a procedure of assembling integral components of a structure at a manufacturing site and then moving them to the site location. Suitable for all types of construction, it is proven in reducing construction time significantly. And because time is minimized, overall costs and amounts of hazards are also reduced due to less number of manpower involved and shorter period of exposure in the line of fire. Prefabricated or modular construction has indeed become a primary option for designers, builders, and business owners.

ESC Steel Structures is committed to the new revolutionized industries. We offer numerous prefabricated piping spools, bridge girders, building frames, equipment platforms, strutting or shoring systems, loading or mooring dolphins, miscellaneous items, and other capabilities that meet your requirements.

In terms of machining, drilling, and cutting, ESC Steel Structures have quality components to suit different specifications, sizes, and materials. Drilling is done with automated supreme precision courtesy of the skilled operators, using plasma, laser, and flame cutting of up to a 150mm thick plates. It also has automatic beveling of edges for preparing welds and precise boring, drilling, and mining

Welds are among the essential aspects of ESC Steel Structures. Experience, knowledge, and skills go a long way to ensure structural integrity. For this, ESC has; AWSCWI well-reputed weld inspectors, and follow the welding codes and international standards such as EN, BS, ISO, CSA, API, ASME, AWS. They also have accessible skilled and qualified welders who are experts in welding technologies like SAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW, SMAW.

Pipe production is also one of ESC’s strong suits with their array of pipe manufacturing capabilities used in steel structures. These include in-door hydrostatic facilities for pressure testing , numerous steel grades (S355JOH to X80, for instance) and many more.

ESC offers a wide range of quality made steel components through various Press brake capabilities. These include lengths of up to 16 meters, 50mm of thickness, bending force of up to 20,000Mt, and efficiency courtesy of the semiautomated handling of materials.

When it comes to durability, the durability of a steel structure is ensured by good quality coating. The quality coating can be achieved through zinc galvanization or by protective paint.

ESC offers numerous coating systems that are perfect for various applications and projects. The company also ensures that the packing procedure is supervised and handled with care to ensure that it arrives on the site with minimal coating damage. ESC has coating inspectors certified by SPCC to ensure the process is done smoothly and give coating reports at the end and during production.

Testing is vital for assurance of quality. All the items made by ESC’s Structural Steel division must undergo strict inspections and tests to check for defects, strengths, or any other issue. To do this, ESC has routinely calibrated, high precision and certified measurement equipment and OHSAS, ISO 3834, EN1090, and certifications with third party mills. They also have coating inspection of defects, adherence, thickness, and a close association with internationally recognized third party inspectors.

Another important aspect is the engineers. Project engineers from the Structural Steel division come from various backgrounds, including mechanical, civil, aerospace, nuclear, and more. ESC offers dedicated engineers on every order who are responsible for technical issues and communication. Project engineers ensure a seamless workflow and make work easy for the client.

ESC understands that working closely with owners and design consultants is critical in ensuring the project comes out as expected. The engineers come equipped with animation services or 3D visualization and proper engineering calculations that comply with required standards.

As always, ESC strives to exceed clients’ expectations.

For expert assistance, please do not hesitate to visit our website to view our full range of steel structure capabilities and project highlights in: Bridge Structures, Pre-engineered Buildings, Port & Offshore Structures, Offshore Platforms, Pressure Vessels, Steel Bridges, Mining Excavation, Steel Towers, Rail Infrastructures, and others.

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