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Section Drawings & Properties


Within the ESC app, you have the ability to find information for the sheet pile to your project's needs. You can even share or favourite selected designs for ease of access at a later time.

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Layout Configurations


Provided in the ESC app are quick reference configurations for Tie Backs for different types of piles. The user can then select a full Tie Rod System Assembly - Tie Rod Sizes based on strength and the associated accesories such as couplers, turnbuckles, eyes.

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Content Rich Information


Contained in ESC's sheet pile profiles, there are project photos and a detailed description of the relative advantages of the design all of which may be shared via email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and others.



Event Information, Scheduling, Contact & Map


ESC is an active participant in various conferences, talks and other professional events. Use the ESC app to be informed, or invite other professionals. These events can be saved and synced with your phone/tablet calender for reminders. Maps are also provided to enable easy location of the event.

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ESC Group App

ESC proudly presents its content-rich App which showcases ESC's product line and global portfolio.


Download the App now on:


Alternatively, scan the QR Code:

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Global Contacts directly from the App


The interface allows users to contact the nearest ESC office by phone or email just by clicking the button from within the app. The App also displays the Address and the Google Map location to help you find us using Waze or Google Maps.



Catalogue, Project Case Study & Drawing Downloads


Within the app, you can download e-catalogues, project case study writeups and soon profile drawings. These can all be viewed, shared, emailed or printed from your phone or tablet.

Iphone version ESC Group
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