Steel sheet pile retaining wall at Bayoonah Tunnel Construction

About ESC Steel Indonesia

ESC Steel Indonesia has been designing, producing and supplying steel sheet piles to Jakarta, Palembang, Jambi, Kalimantan and Semarang throughout the last 10 years.
Cofferdam bridge construction using steel sheet pile
Further to simply supplying products we at ESC take a different approach to piling which is tailored to the customers’ requirements. ESC believes that just supplying a product is insufficient and the level of support that customers receive is beyond expectations. This support ranges from general advice on the Client’s options to full engineering support and design. Also available to the client are corrosion protection options, tie back systems and other items associated with the sheet piling system.





ESC Piles and other products are produced in accordance with the latest international standards as well as ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems. Other standards depending on the client’s needs can be applied on request.
ESC Group client satisfaction is our number one priority
Retaining wall using sheet piles for bridge construction
ESC has designed and supplied sheet piles to projects in every continent of the world.
Steel pipe piles with protective coating
ESC has established strong working relationships with manufacturers of steel, paints, cathodic protection systems and other items associated with piling works, providing a full suite of options to the client.
ESC Group experts
ESC can provide guidance on alternative solutions to the client. Please contact the nearest ESC office to get complimentary advice.

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