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nstallation of the sheet piles in Bayoonah Tunnel

Temporary Excavations

Sheet piles are frequently used for temporary excavations because of their minimal installation time and reusability. ESC has provided under selling or rental basis for various projects around the world. Excavations up to 35 metres depth are possible with a combination of sheet piling and struts or ground anchors. ESC understands that project site conditions, material availability and construction sequence majorly influence the most optimal design.

Excavation Support

Excavation supports are a temporary shoring system that is constructed from the top down. It typically requires a sequence that provides continuous support of the soil as the excavation advances donwards. The support system must be designed for both the earth pressure loads exerted and any surcharge loads within the excavation.

ESC offers numerous options for excavation support depending on the application and environmental conditions and constraints.

ESC's scope of work has included the following: sheet piling, ground anchors, strutting, trench shields and more. Presented are some of ESC's many projects involving excavation support systems.

ESC Trench Sheets have been used as an economic, effective excavation support system in conjunction with steel struts for safe pipelaying and utility works to be carried out.

Shown on the right are ESC Hot Rolled U Sheet Piles used in conjunction with temporary ground anchors for the construction of a highway underpass.

​An effective excavation support system in hard ground conditions is the ESC Soldier Pile with Timber Lagging wall, used frequently in the Middle East. It has been used effectively for excavations of tunnels adjacent to critical areas such as airport runways.

Highway underpass construction
Excavation support

Project Case Studies

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