Cofferdam construction using interlock or clutch sealant

Interlock/Clutch Sealant

A combination of a well designed and manufactured sheet pile interlock and a properly applied sealant can virtually eliminate any fluid leakage through the sheet piles, even at high hydrostatic pressures. ESC offers a range of time proven interlock sealants that can be used for hot rolled, cold formed and cold rolled sheet piles in various conditions from tropical to arctic. They are especially effective for cofferdams and marine applications.



ESC's DPS-500 sealant is a hydrophilic polyurethane which has effective application for sheet pile interlocks. It has a high expansion coefficient with over 500% volume increase. 

It is a one component system making it easy to handle and apply. It is both lightwieght with good surface adhesion which allows easy application even in confined spaces. It can be applied in virtually all weather conditions and retains its original despite repeated expansion. It has been extensively used in both freshwater and seawater environments and swells to about 200% volume in 24 hours or less and over 300% volume within 48-72 hours of immersion.


Installation Guide

Achieving water tightness of a sheet pile wall can be challenging, given the site conditions, difficulty in sealant applications, high interlock temperatures during driving and other factors.


ESC has addressed these issues through its design and extensive experience and is willing to deliver both standard and tailored solutions to project requirements.


Here is a full guide on the application and best practices for obtaining a water-tight interlock.

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