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Sheet pile for Cofferdam construction

Pipe Combined Wall Calculator


ESC offers a wide range of infill sheet piles utilising both Hot Rolling, Cold Rolling and Cold Forming Processes. The wide selection allows a great deal of flexibility and options to the designer.

2 x ESZ Series (17-630 to 28-700)

2 x ESC-CRZ Series (13-1540 to 48-700)

2 x Hot Rolled U Series (Type II to VIL)

3 x Hot Rolled U Series (Type II to VIL)

1 x S Series (S8 to S12)

Infill Sheet Pile Selection

Pipe Pile Selection

Using three processes: LSAW, SSAW & ERW, a wide range of Pipe Pile Diameters, thicknesses and lengths can be be fabricated to enable great design flexibility to the designer. Welded interlocks also allow the King Pipe Piles to be securely interlocked with infill sheet piles. 


325-4267mm Diameter

6.35-100mm Thickness

Up to 100m Length


219-3,048mm Diameter

5.16-25.4mm Thickness

Up to 100m Length

ERW Pipe

21.3-610mm Diameter

2.1-22mm Thickness

Up to 18m Length

ESZ Interlock

ESC-CRZ Interlock

Hot Rolled U Interlock

S Interlock

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